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WSI Perforating Services

Perforating in the modern oil patch is no longer a simple affair. Oil exploration has gone deeper, and we’re now extracting oil from formations previously thought unobtainable. Our perforating teams show up on site ready to rig up and go in the well. When you’re ready for us, we’re ready to go in the hole. We specialize in both tubing conveyed and E-line perforating. When the zones get deep and hot WSI has the expertise to maneuver carriers in these hostile environments.

The new world of horizontal wells, high pressure environments, and hydrocarbon hydrates pose unique challenges to getting deep penetration in the formations. We have a fleet of 10k sour gas pressure control units ready and waiting for high pressure jobs that threaten to push tools out of the well. This enables us to get in the hole and send our carriers the distance without the threat of blowout. Current wells are no longer just deep but long. Horizontal drilling can send casing miles away from the jobsite. Perforating on the jobsite can often occur in the next county.

Our experience and equipment allows us to succeed in these adverse climates. Our in house gun builders make sure each carrier is perfect before heading out to the job. Our perforation success rate is over 90%. Our guns rarely fail to detonate. On the rare occasion one does, we thoroughly inspect it and determine why it failed. This high success rate has made us the preferred wireline operator by frac companies. WSI has the expertise, equipment, and know how to ensure the oil flows.