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WSI E-Line Services

Pipe Recovery

When you find yourself with stuck pipe, there’s no one better to call than WSI. We have the latest in pipe recovery technology to get down hole and get your job site operating again. Our pipe recovery specialists have over a 100 years' worth of combined experience. This is vital with pipe recovery where problem solving comes from past knowledge. Our pipe recovery specialist’s consecutive experience ensures they’ve seen it all and know what tool to use for your predicament.

Pipe Recovery Services:

Free Point Indicator

  • Depths from 4,000 ft. to 12,000 ft.
  • Depths below 12,000 ft. require additional charges

Stuck Pipe Log

  • This logging service utilizes an acoustic logging tool to determine the free point in tubing, casing, or drill pipe for pipe recovery services.

    Radial Cutting Torch

    • Radial Cutting Torch for special sizes or weights of pipe are available Prices will be quoted on a per job basis for these cutters.

      Jet Cutter

      • Jet Cutters employ the technology of a shaped charge to sever tubing or casing in the well. The resulting cut is relatively clean, with a noticeable swaging effect.
      • Small diameter cutters are available upon request.
      • Drill pipe severing tools are available upon request.

      Chemical Cutting Service

      • Chemical cutters for special sizes or weights of pipe are available

        Back Off Service

        • Depths from 4,000 ft. to 12,000 ft.
        • Depths below 12,000 ft. require additional charges.

        Misc. Pipe Recovery Services and Equipment

        • Wireline Jar
        • pudding Service
        • Hydraulic Clean-Out Tool
        • Tag Run

        Crane Service and Plugs

        • WSI can meet the needs of jobsites without work over rigs. In our fleet of equipment we have four heavy duty cranes with capacities from 30 to 45 tons. This saves our customers time and money alleviating the cost of a pulling unit and its crew. We offer the crane service  for high pressure jobs, stage jobs, and logging jobs.
        • We also set our in house permanent plugs rated up to 10,000 psi as well as other companies bridge plugs and packers.