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WSI Logging Services

WSI Cased Hole Specialist works closely with Hotwell and Titan Industries to insure our logging equipment is flawless, accurate, and competitive within the industry. Our experience with each tool we utilize is extensive. While many of our global competitors have purchased technology that we were using in its infancy, and made it proprietary, we have continued to work with the originators who have proven track records.

Pulsed Neutron Neutron

We are very proud to offer Hotwell’s Pulsed Neutron Neutron tool. This is the ultimate Thermal Neutron Decay tool and is very effective where open hole data is limited or unavailable. The PNN Analysis Log is a full color quantitative interpretation that provides data on porosity, shale or clay fraction, and hydrocarbon saturation and type.

40 arm

We continue to use Computalog’s  original 40 arm casing inspection tool. This is a dual sensor tool that is very efficient and effective at detecting defects in casing. The 40 individual feeler arms produce a Min/Max reading of every millimeter of surface inside the casing to accurately translate any deficiency. Our long-term experience with this tool and its durability offer a very cost effective alternative for your casing inspection needs.

Compensated Neutron Log

The  compensated neutron tool CNL utilizes a sealed radioactive source to barrage the formations surrounding the bore hole with fast neutrons. When the neutrons collide with hydrogen atoms they are slowed. The tool uses the slow count rate as a determination of high porosity. The neutron tool has been around for nearly 7 decades but remains a valuable asset for determining porosity and gas entries and leaks.

Cement Bond Log

The cement bond log tool evaluates the bond of cement surrounding the well casing. This is very important to isolate productive and non-productive zones as well as determining the quality of the cement job. This tool is offered in a regular correlation log or a more detailed sector bond log.

Temperature Survey

The temperature survey is the oldest production log in use, but is often used as a baseline for other log interpretations. It can be used for determining cement tops, flow survey, and determining injection well integrity. This tool has been a long term staple in logging, but its effectiveness is determined by log analysts competency. This is another example where our consecutive experience separates us from our competition. Our log analyst's have been reviewing logs for at least 4 decades.